Foran Equine Pro-Am Prep

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Foran Equine Pro-Am Prep is made of unique liquid pre-digested protein with Vitamins including Vitamin E to support muscle growth 


  • Hydrolysed Plant Protein – readily available amino acids for rapid uptake
  • Glutamine – as an energy source, to support the immune system, maintain gut health and aid in gut absorption
  • Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant
  • B vitamins – for optimum energy and protein utilisation


  • Periods of rapid growth or high metabolic demand such as sales preparation, stallion covering season and late gestation in mares have increased protein requirements. PRO-AM Prep is designed to quickly and easily meet those increased protein needs.

Suitable for:

  • All performance horses
  • Sales preparation
  • Mares
  • Stallions


Bodyweight Workload Dose per day
450-600kg Mares, stallions, sporthorses 200ml
300-450kg Mares, stallions, sporthorses 150ml
200-350kg Yearlings 120ml
<200kg Foals 60ml
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